"I wanted to start a podcast for those, who just like me, didn't know if they were allowed to participate. Which door do you knock on if you want to invest in startups? How do you know you won't get f*cked over if you don't know who to ask for help? I'm so grateful for all the amazing entrepreneurs and investors who shares their stories with us."

Investpodden is available on iTunes, Acast, beyondpod, Castbox. Swedish and English episodes.
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For the longest time I thought I was gonna be a lawyer. A singing lawyer. I’m so happy I chose differently. I want to spread the word that having a broad background is a strength, not a weakness, despite what I’ve been told so many times. It’s amazing having tried different things and the beauty of life is not knowing exactly where we gonna end up.
— Ronja Koepke

said about ronja (from LINKedin)

  • Ronja was one of the first Investors in WTS. She spotted us in early seed stage and has since been engaged in supporting the business with funds, advice and operational support. Ronja’s has an instinct and passion for marketing, with an edge on web, social media, influence marketing and PR. She’s been active in many projects, such as our successful Kickstarter campaign, several trade shows (CES, CTIA), commercial content and scripts, and advising on strategic matters.
    - Tobias Stenberg, Co-founder WTS

  • Ronja is professional and focused, with a positive attitude. She is to the point, and in her role at the podcast Investpodden, she balances the depth of intricate questions and details with an easily accessible level to make sure the content plays to both newcomers and professionals alike.
    - Linda Krondahl, CEO and Co-founder THINGS

  • Ronja is a great investor who has brought both sales leads and a very supportive attitude!
    - Tove Toll, Co-founder Competencer

  • When I first auditioned Ronja during an open casting call in NYC, I was immediately impressed with her attentiveness, her sensitivity to the material and her effortless ability to adapt to redirection. On set, I continued to be astounded with Ronja’s fearless commitment to the role. She exudes wisdom well beyond her years along with a truly collaborative spirit. During production, Ronja possessed a unique ability to craft her performance with the director while maintaining her own point of view. She also exhibited a natural chemistry with her scene partner that was pivotal for the story and her character’s journey. During filming, Ronja maintained the highest level of professionalism by always being punctual and prepared. She also continuously made herself available for rehearsals. “At The End” has been showcased at the Writer’s Guild of America in Los Angeles and the Angelicka Film Center in NYC along with placing 3rd at the Palm Beach International Film Festival Student Showcase of Films. I can say with confidence that Ronja is a key component to the film’s success.
    - Deirdre Morale, Producer & Writer

  • Ronja is a hard working, ambitious and compassionate person. One of a kind and an asset to any team. There are no half measures when it comes to her commitment to any task and she can always be relied on to take initiative in any situation.
    With an amazing voice and interviewing skills to boot, it's no wonder she has made a name for herself on stage and in the studio. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to have a good time and build an amazing team.
    Ronja is extremely active in the startup community and is always willing to share her wealth of knowledge. Being both an entrepreneur herself and an active investor in a number of startups, she has a unique and holistic skill set ranging from operations, product development through to strategy. She's a startup gold nugget if you ask me.
    - Royden James, entrepreneur, founder of Upcard