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- a more engaged co-op!


inHouse-app is the only app a co-op needs. Communicate, keep all documentation in one place and book a laundry time or the BBQ place for Friday night. Keep all residents well informed and you’ll get a more engaged community who’s looking forward to helping out during spring cleaning and taking responsibility for all shared spaces.

Visit inHouse-app website to register your building and get more information.


Onesock-app, a part of inHouse-app

The Swedish shared laundry space needs a better booking system than pen and paper or cylinders. Today you can book a ticket to Hong Kong within minutes from your phone, but you can’t book or reschedule your laundry time from an easy to use app. 2017 Ronja and Kim Kalmer (CTO) started drawing and coding what would become Onesock app. 2018 the MVP was made and test groups gave their thumbs up. In only 3 clicks a booking can be made and extra effort was put into making sure both the older generation as well as kids easily would understand how to use the system.

Onesock app contains a communication solution for all residents and co-op board. Push notification to remind the user about their time and “emergency time” if all slots within the next 48 hours are booked. If you want to know more about Onesock app, click here.